Happy Buddha statues

You probably know them, the Happy Buddha. The image of the chinese happy buddha can be recognized by his attitude and smiling face. The symbol for health, wealth, protection and happiness in life. This statue looks beautiful in both home and garden, with his fat face and belly he makes everyone laugh.

Meaning world folk hero Happy Buddha

The nickname of the Buddha is also called Chinese Buddha. Symbolically with large earlobes and a big belly, the origin of this statue is in China. The Chinese happy Buddha statue is often given as a gift. The nice thing is, it fits well with any room. Sitting quietly with his hand on his knee, this great friend smiles at everyone. He is called variously, because he is also known as potbellied Buddha, Chinese Buddha and lucky Buddha. The tall bald sage with long earlobes was revered as a folk hero after his death and his nickname was Poe-Tai Ho-Shang. He would often be surrounded by children before his death and was honored for his enormous joy and generosity. This is where his nickname comes from.

Once dead, he was revered as a folk hero, fertility god and bringer of good fortune. The statues still stem from this legend, where the Buddhas can be recognized by the big belly, bald head, generous smile and long earlobes, which indicate that he is of aristocratic descent. Also, the eyes are often closed, which has a symbolic attitude of introspection, or a meditation attitude.


The attributes that this legend often carries all have their own meaning, here is a piece of information. For example, he has a prayer necklace in the form of a beaded necklace with a lot of beads. Sometimes the statue is made with gold nugget or gold lucky coin with a hole in it, this stands for financial luck. Another time, this Chinese sage is depicted with a bag or backpack, which symbolizes travel and search. But actually this laughing Buddha always has a cloak in sometimes several colors. In most cases, the bringer of good luck has a sitting position, but you will also encounter these Buddha statues standing. You can buy the Zen master as a gift for prosperity, the cheerful friend brings a smile and you give a beautiful symbol for life.

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Buy Laughing Buddha

It is usually given as a gift to close friends, acquaintances or family. His image is therefore always in a room in the house facing the door, so that everyone who enters this room is wished happiness and welcome. It is also said in the west that it would bring bad luck if you bought this Buddha for yourself, but this is a fable made up in the west.

Starting with a small variant of approximately 10 centimeters to our very large of no less than 60 centimeters in size with or without a backpack for luck and prosperity. Have you seen it in our online store yet? Available for placement in the house or outside in different sizes for a favorable price. Orders placed on working days before 13:00 will be delivered tomorrow, so a delivery time of within 24 hours and also delivered on Saturday. After the online order you will immediately receive a confirmation by email, if you have not received it, please also check your spam folder. Payment of the order is easy via various payment solutions, for example you can pay via the well-known iDEAL, Mistercash, Bancontact, Paypal or afterwards via Afterpay. View the smiling images here

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