The Shaolin monk

De figurines of Shaolin Monks are cheerful and look childish, this could well be due to the fact that the word Shaolin stands for Young Forest. Shaolin was a monk who dedicated his life to the temple to preserve and protect it from dangers. Shaolin was also a messenger from it Buddhism. The Temple he protected is now the Shaolin Monastery and is located in China.

History of the Shaolin Monk

The Shaolin monks come from the Shaolin Temple in China. This temple was founded in the fifth century and quickly became an important center for Buddhist study and martial arts. The monks at Shaolin Temple practiced a form of kung fu known as Shaolin kung fu. This kung fu system was based on the movements of animals and was used to protect the monks from outside attacks.

Philosophy of the Shaolin Monk

The Shaolin monks believe in the importance of balance between body and mind. They strive for inner peace and tranquility through meditation and martial arts training. The philosophy of the Shaolin monks is influenced by Buddhism and Taoist philosophy. The monks believe that controlling their bodies and minds can help them reach a higher level of consciousness and better understand themselves.


Monk training

A Shaolin monk's training begins at an early age. Children are taken to the Shaolin Temple to be trained in martial arts and Buddhism. The training is very intensive and includes physical training, meditation, breathing exercises and studying philosophy and classical literature.

An important part of the Shaolin monk's training is the practice of kung fu. This includes learning different techniques and styles, such as fistfights, gunfights, and long-range combat. The monks also train on acrobatics and agility to strengthen their bodies and minds.

Lifestyle of the child monk

The lifestyle of the Shaolin monk is simple and humble. They live in the Shaolin Temple and follow a strict daily routine of meditation, prayer, training and study. They eat simple food and have few personal belongings. The monks are very dedicated to their training and their spiritual quest for inner peace.

In addition to their training and spiritual practices, the Shaolin monks also have an important role in society. They are often asked to give martial arts demonstrations and are involved in charity work and other community activities.

Shaolin Monks in Modern Times

In modern times, Shaolin monks are famous all over the world for their skills and spiritual power. The practice of Shaolin kung fu has become popular as a form of physical training and self-defense, as well as for the spiritual and emotional benefits it can provide.

If you are interested in practicing Shaolin kung fu or learning about the philosophy of the Shaolin monks, there are several schools and teachers that offer classes. Whether you are looking for some form of physical training, inner peace and tranquility, or are simply interested in the history and culture of China, the Shaolin Monk can be an inspiration and an example of dedication and discipline.


The Shaolin Monk is an important figure in Chinese cultures and is admired for their dedication to the practice of Kung Fu and Buddhism. Their history dates back to the fifth century and the Shaolin Temple is an important center for martial arts and spiritual practice. The philosophy of the Shaolin monks emphasizes the balance between body and mind and the importance of inner peace and tranquility. Their training includes physical training, meditation, breathing exercises, and study of philosophy and classical literature. The Shaolin monks lead a simple lifestyle and are dedicated to their training and spiritual quest for inner peace. They also have important roles in society, including charity work and martial arts demonstrations.

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