Giving Buddha as a gift? We help you with this!

The majority of our customers buy from us because they have a give buddha gift or want to give. To that one friend, family member or acquaintance, or as a nice present to yourself. So probably you too, since you visit this page. But with more than 300 beautiful and unique images in our entire range, a give buddha gift not so easy. This is exactly what this page is meant for, helping you with the perfect gift for friend, acquaintance and family!

Each category has its own images that make a great gift. Below we have selected the ultimate gift for you for various price ranges! We do this through our experience and through the input that is given to us daily by you (our customer). Thank you!

Giving a Buddha gift, we help you!

We have created categories below to help you choose the perfect gift.
We have done this on the basis of “to spend on a gift”.


Choose from the above categories and give the gift that will be remembered for a long time!

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Did you know that the Buddha also has a birthday? This is on May 8!
Traditionally, many people burn a (delicious-smelling) incense or candle.

yourself a Buddha gift can not do!! Ownee??..
The above statement is based on a fable and this idea has grown especially in the Netherlands and Belgium. You buy Buddha statues by feeling, for yourself or to give as a gift. A Buddha statue stands for happiness, love for each other, dignity and as symbolic healing and love for yourself. With the right intention and feeling behind the purchase of this statue, you buy a Buddha that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift to someone you love and wish happiness and prosperity. After reading this you will understand that purchasing a Buddha can never mean bad luck or bad luck in your life. Because you buy it with the right intention.

The Buddha comes in many different versions. From the famous “happy” fat belly buddha, tot Thai-, Japanse-, or indian buddha. We have made a selection of the best gifts above. Choose from the most beautiful images, selected with our knowledge and input from our customer! For many years we have been supplying beautiful Buddha statues to a huge number of customers within the Benelux but also beyond! After our choice, we still need help buying a beautiful image or about the dispatch? take contact with us!

Buddha gift