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Buying the most beautiful Buddha for the garden or indoors starts here! You too can have such a positive Buddhist image or other article tomorrow. (A customer rating of 9+ out of over 1447 reviews)

A buy buddha you don't just do it. Of course you will first see whether you like or beautiful the figurine and maybe you will buy the figurine for its meaning such as happiness or fertility. Or you buy this as a gift especially for someone who wishes you something beautiful or special.

Then there are also different cultures and countries where Buddha statues come from, take for example Thailand, China, Japan or India. All of which have their own original betekenis and background.

About our range
With us you will find an extensive explanation about the different images, such as the yogiman en laughing buddha. But also about Buddhism and the meanings of the hand gestures so that you always buy exactly the Buddha you want. We have also written several nice articles about it, feel free to read them.

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Fable about buying Buddha statues

Of course you do not necessarily have to have a thought, but you can also place the figurine because you like it or beautiful.
Many people believe in the fable that you should not buy a Buddha statue. This is because it would bring bad luck. This was invented a long time ago in the Western world. This is still the case, especially in countries such as the Netherlands and, to a lesser extent, Belgium. However, the story comes from a Chinese tradition long, very long ago. The story goes that in the past poor people in China, who were seriously ill from rich people, were given a Buddha statue. This image was supposed to bring happiness and, above all, get well soon. When the sick person got better, he/she had to return the image.
Just as it is with many stories, this story has been turned into the fable of not being allowed to buy a Buddha for yourself. If the intention of the purchase is good and the statue is treated with respect and reverence, everyone can of course purchase it for themselves.

Buy Buddha for indoor or outdoor use? 

At our online store you can buy many and the most beautiful images and products for the garden and also for the home. We sell statues from 10 centimeters to no less than 1,5 meters in size, made of different textures, colors and with different finishes such as wooden or stone Buddhas. Buddha statues or a friendly monk? They are available for you in all shapes and sizes. We wish you a lot of shopping pleasure and happiness for life!

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With our gift help you will find the right gift. A category has been created for each price, in which we propose the best and most chosen images. View all these toppers from gifts and place your order. We take care of the rest and you can enjoy giving it and that gives relief!

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