Meaning Ganesha

Ganesha is a Hindu deity who removes obstacles. He is the remover of obstacles in life and is the patron saint of travelers. Until Ganesh is offered if one wants to start something new or if one is moving. Ganesha is often depicted with a large bare belly, a rat at his feet and an elephant's head. On his head, between his eyes above his trunk, he has a symbol that looks something like a three, this is it ohm sign.

Ohm is the sound or vibration from which the universe originated and is also known as the spiritual sign. This sound is often used in meditation.

Ganesha the son of Parwati and Shiva

Ganesha-set-black-11cm-4Ganesha is the son of the gods Parwati (Laxmi) and Shiva (Shiv Shankar), both two omnipotent gods. His father Shiva had many servants, one day Parwati wanted to go to bath and ordered a servant not to let anyone enter the house. When Shiva came home and the servant would not give him access to the house, he asked whose servant he really was, because how could he not allow Shiva, after all the servant served Shiva.

Ganesha as a curmudgeon

Prawati also wanted someone to serve her and from the dust of her body and prayers brought Ganesh to life. Ganesha was a real rascal and liked to fool his father's servants. Shiva, who was often away from home, did not even know of Ganesha, his own son.

The beheading of Ganesha

One morning Prawati said to Ganesha, I'm going to bathe, won't you let anyone into the house? To which Ganesha replied to his mother that he would obey.
When Shiva came home and Ganesha refused to grant him access to the house, a fight ensued and Shiva beheaded him with his almighty weapon.


Gathering of gods

Many gods gathered, Parwati weeping with grief for her son, asked Shiva to bring her son back to life, as her own life had lost meaning.

Parwati's sister Dewi also told Shiva to grant her wish, because the anger and sorrow in her would destroy the earth. Finally he gave heed to the wishes and ordered his servants to take the head of a child while it was sleeping, but whose mother did not turn her head towards the child.
They encountered many people and animals, until they encountered an elephant mother with her child, whose mother did not have her head towards her child. They took the head and returned to Shiva, who indignantly said that it was not the head of a human being, but well there was no time to lose. He brought Ganesha back to life. Parwati was afraid that her child would be bullied, but the gods decided to bless him.

The blessing

Ganesha was blessed by a god that if the people worshiped him, he would bring them prosperity. He was also blessed that people would worship him if they moved or started doing something new. He was blessed that if one would worship him, one should bestow sweets and laddu's on him. Because of this, Ganesha is also known as having a sweet tooth, but what he is most known for is the respect he has for his mother. In Ganesha's view, a mother is above a father, something that was not common at all in the past.  

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