What meaning do the hear, see and be silent figurines have?

Hear, see and be silent is a proverb that has been used from time immemorial in our country. It is funny that when you look at the figurines the expression is not correct. Because with hearing, the hands are held in front of the ears, so that nothing is heard. When seeing, the hands are held over the eyes, so that one sees nothing and only becomes silent about one.

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If we take a look at history, we read that the expression "hear, see and be silent" originates from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. He taught his disciples: "Do not look at, do not listen to, do not utter, and do not focus on what is contrary to propriety." Reading this will also make the images a lot clearer.

In general, the monkey figurines are best known for this expression. This stems from the Nikko Toshogu shrine from Japan. Here is a panel with the monkeys depicted in hear, see and be silent. This panel depicts youth and is based on the wisdom of Confucius.

Isn't it nice that behind such a simple statement as hear, see and be silent, there is such an ancient wisdom hidden.