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fiber clay

Strong and durable material
Light in weight
Frost resistant*
Environmentally friendly
Easy to maintain

Fiberclay is a combination of fiberglass and clay. This makes the material very strong and durable.
It has an appearance similar to stone or concrete, but is a lot lighter in weight.
It is also a durable and environmentally friendly material.
*Fiberclay is slightly frost-resistant, but we do recommend that you bring the statues indoors during the frost periods. In particular, severe frost in combination with moisture can affect the images.
By bringing it indoors during the winter period, the image will remain beautiful for longer and will prevent tearing or peeling.
Fiberclay is a painted material, so it can happen that if you leave the statues outside all year round and do not carry out maintenance, the top layer will become less beautiful. Think of fading or spots. The image can be extra protected by means of our protective spray.

Maintenance of Fiberclay images
Fiberclay maintenance is very easy. You can choose to protect the image by adding a layer clearcoat to spray over. If you do not want this, it is possible that some algae formation appears on the image, then take a soft brush and a soft soap (green soap) and brush the image clean. It will then look beautiful again and your image will shine like new!

For optimal protection, we offer protective spray for garden statues

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Strong material
Easy to maintain
Water resistant

A large part of our statues are made of polyresin.

But what exactly is polyresin?
Polyresin consists of crushed stone (granite, marble, soapstone).
This stone is mixed with liquid synthetic resin, creating a pourable mixture.
This mixture is poured into a rubber mold of a statue.
After the sculpture has hardened, the mold is removed, the sculpture is now touched up by hand and then polished.
Polyresin has the advantage that it is rain and moisture resistant, because no moisture can penetrate it and is therefore very suitable for outdoor use.
It is recommended to spray the image well with clearcoat if it was left outside for a long time. This ensures that the paint remains protected.

Maintenance of Polyresin statues
Polyresin statues in the house are best cleaned with a dry soft cloth.
If you want to clean it with water, do not use an all-purpose cleaner, preferably only water or a natural soap such as green soap. This is because otherwise the color layer will be affected and the image will become discolored or less beautiful. Do you have a Polyresin statue in your garden? Then the same applies as with the Fiberclay images. Take a soft brush and brush with only water or green soap the dirt from the image and your image will last a few months.
For optimal protection, we offer protective spray for garden statues

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buddha happiness

Highly resistant to weather conditions
Neutral look

This beautiful statue is made of Concrete. Concrete is an artificial stone-like material composed of cement and crushed stone. The advantage of concrete is that it can withstand various weather conditions, so the statue can be left outside all year round.
This means that they will not quickly show signs of wear and therefore can retain their authentic appearance.

Maintenance of concrete statues
The only disadvantage of concrete is that it can turn green due to the algae.
The way to clean this is by brushing the concrete with a stiff brush with water and a soft soap like green soap.


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Sukhothai bronze

Highly resistant to weather conditions
Lasts a long time

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, this durable material is of high quality.
A bronze statue therefore lasts a long time. It is a tough and corrosion-resistant material, which lends itself well to machining.
When bronze statues are left outside for a longer period of time, the statue may slowly take on a greenish color.

Maintenance of bronze statues
Regularly polish the statue with a layer of beeswax or the black wax. Bellinzoni can be bought from a stonemason, among others. Apply the wax thinly and rub it out. The frequency depends on the weather conditions.

Suar Wood

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Maintenance free
Environmentally friendly

The wood type Suar is a tropical hardwood with a straight thread. This makes it easy to edit.
Originally this type of wood comes from South America, but has been spread over the entire tropics in the last 100 years. Suar is a fast growing and easily replaceable wood and is very popular outside the tropics because it is less likely to crack, due to its crisscrossing and interlocking pattern, when it enters drier climates. The color of the wood varies greatly between the center and the outer edges of the tree. This creates beautiful color shades

Maintenance of wooden statues
Wood is not subject to undergrowth, but you can choose to oil a wooden statue from time to time. This makes the wood darker in color and can make the wood shine.

Lava rock

Strong and durable material
Frost resistant
Environmentally friendly
Easy to maintain

Lava rock is a natural rock that forms when lava solidifies after a volcanic eruption. The rock has unique properties and is often used for decorative and building applications, including statues, pagodas, flooring, wall cladding and more. Here are some of the main features of lava rock:

  • Durability: Lava rock is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. The rock is also resistant to frost, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

  • Texture: Lava rock has a porous texture, giving it a unique appearance that can vary from smooth to rough. This makes it ideal for decorative applications and can contribute to a natural look.

  • Heat resistance: Lava rock can withstand high temperatures and can absorb heat without cracking or melting. This makes it ideal for cooking applications, such as barbecues, or as a material for stoves or fireplaces.

  • Maintenance: Lava stone requires little maintenance and is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a soft brush and mild detergent and should be periodically rinsed with water.

The use of lava rock in construction and decoration applications has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rock's durability and unique appearance. With proper care, lava rock can last a lifetime and be a beautiful addition to any space.

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Cast stone

Strong and durable material
Frost resistant
Environmentally friendly
Easy to maintain

Caststone is a building material used for the manufacture of architectural elements such as facade cladding, columns, balustrades and ornaments. It is also known as artificial stone, architectural concrete or concrete stone. Caststone is produced by pouring a mixture of fine-grained lava cement, sand, aggregates and water into molds of various shapes and sizes.

Caststone's mixture is similar to that of ordinary concrete, but it is carefully formulated to create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface. In some cases, dyes are added to obtain the desired color. After casting, the material is reinforced with reinforcement to improve strength and durability.

Once hardened, caststone has a solid and sturdy structure similar to natural stone. It can be worked and finished in the same way as natural stone, making it suitable for a wide range of architectural applications. Caststone offers design freedom, as it can be molded into different shapes and sizes, allowing for complex designs and detailed ornaments.

One of the advantages of caststone is that it is durable and weather resistant. It can withstand the elements well, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, caststone is relatively lightweight compared to solid natural stone, which facilitates handling and installation.

In general, caststone offers a cost-effective alternative to natural stone. It can mimic the aesthetics and look of natural stone while being more affordable and more readily available.

For optimal protection, we offer protective spray for garden statues


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