ohm sign

There are many different stories about the Ohm sign. Ohm would be the first sound of creation, the breath that goes with the word. The Ohm sign would also stand for a sacred syllable from Hinduism and Buddhism, especially from prayers.

The Ohm sign symbolizes eternity, infinity and the universe.

This symbol would be seen as the origin for all prayers and mantras. There are also several explanations for the sacred Hindu symbol Ohm, The most obvious is that the sign 3 stands for the god of creation, the O would stand for the silence and unity of the gods.


The Ohm sound is often used in meditations, constant repetition leads to a deep meditation. The mantra most commonly used is the Ohm Mani Padme Hum. Ohm encompasses the essences of body, word and mind, can also be translated as the essence of the enlightened form. Mani stands for jewel, which means the concepts of love and compassion. Padme is the lotus flower, the flower of wisdom and insight, the flower that blossoms on the water and shows all things as they are. The ohm sign represents the mind of enlightenment, with the effect of purifying and stabilizing the mind.

ohm sign