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Protective Paint Spray for Garden Statues and Pedestals

For years we have been supplying the most beautiful images for the garden and we often get the question; Maintenance garden statues, how do I do that and is this really necessary?
The answer to this question is simple. This depends entirely on what your own personal wishes are.
For example, there are people who want the image to be completely clean and to make it shine, but some also find it beautiful to let the image "blend into the garden". The latter actually like it when there is a (usually green) coating on the image due to algae. This way the image completely blends into the garden.

Maintenance garden statues is not a must but a personal wish.
It is true that various materials need a different maintenance strategy, this naturally applies to everything in the garden from glass windbreak to wooden garden bench.
In this blog we explain what you can do and how you can maintain the garden statues.

Maintain garden statues, from bronze to concrete.

Garden statues are available in many different materials, such as the well-known concrete garden statue but also the well-known images in fiber clay, bronze and plastic (usually in the form of Polyresin). In addition to these well-known materials, there are of course also the stone, wooden and marble garden statues. Each statue has its own characteristic, do you want to know more about the materials? Then click on our material explanation.

In the following, we assume that you are one of those who do not want to leave the statue completely to its fate and sometimes still want to carry out maintenance on the garden statue. Given the different materials that a garden statue can consist of, we have divided it into a few paragraphs. This with the most common garden image materials and the form of maintenance. Maintenance makes everything last longer, just think of your car or bicycle. If you don't do anything about this it won't do the life any good, right?

Maintenance Fiberclay garden statues

Fiberclay is a durable and strong material, made from a combination of glass fibers and clay. This makes the image sturdy and durable, but especially the weight is pleasant. A Fiberclay statue is easy to move, but will not blow over in strong winds. The perfect combination for many! Our Fiberclay images have already been given a protective layer from the factory, this layer ensures that the image does not discolour in the sun and lasts longer. However, this protective layer slowly wears off over the years, see it as a coating on your car by polishing it. Fortunately, the protective layer on the fiberclay images lasts longer!
Especially for the Fiberclay and polyresin statues we have a protective varnish included in the range. this paint has been specially developed to protect your garden image even longer!
You can choose to apply this paint directly on it when you purchase it (this means you immediately apply extra protection) or to do this with the annual maintenance, as well as to get rid of the dullness.

Over time, a green deposit can develop on the garden statues. This is especially true if the statues are placed under a tree or next to tall shrubs. (Read here the 8 tips for placing garden statues)This is not a problem, but be careful when cleaning them. Do not use a high-pressure spray or chemical agents! The high pressure can damage the coating of the garden statues and removes the protective layer from all types of garden statues. This even makes them green again faster! (This also applies to your sidewalk). Strong chemicals are not only bad for your garden, they can also damage the material. The best and safest way to clean garden statues is with a stiff brush and soapy water. First wet the image thoroughly, so that the deposit becomes moist. Then scrub off the green deposits with a hard brush. Any remaining mess can be sprayed off with a normal jet from your garden hose.
If the attack is more persistent and it does not work with the brush, do you still want to go for some stronger means? Then you have the option to apply cleaning vinegar, or even a little bleach or Chlorine. Never combine these! We prefer a hard brush and soapy water, the best for your image and the environment. 
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Protective Paint Spray for Garden Statues and Pedestals

Cleaning concrete garden statues

Concrete garden statues can also easily become green because they are near trees or high shrubs, even if these statues are often in the shade, this is a possibility. Fortunately, cleaning concrete statues is simple. These can be cleaned in the same way as the FIberclay images, we would like to refer you to the above paragraph. Concrete statues are mainly very heavy and robust, ideal for outdoor use, but are less easy to move. The statue will therefore often be cleaned at the placed location, so check out which cleaning products are used to maintain the garden. In addition to cleaning concrete garden statues, these statues do not require maintenance.

Maintenance bronze statues

The maintenance bronze statues differs from the above. They don't need a protective coating, but they do need attention. Cleaning a bronze statue is relatively easy. Depending on the size of the image, take it to a place where you can easily get around the image or rinse it off easily. Cleaning the bronze statue is simple with a brush and soapy water, maybe use a toothbrush to get into the small corners. Due to the weather conditions, a bronze statue loses its shine, for example due to acid rain, bird droppings and the like. Don't worry, this can be solved! First clean the bronze statue and then perform the easy maintenance. If the statue is clean, you can apply normal household wax to the statue, once you have completely smeared the statue, wait a while and polish it with a soft cloth. This way you suddenly have a radiant image again and that makes maintenance of bronze statues so easy. Cleaning bronze statues and maintaining bronze statues is therefore a breeze!

Cleaning and maintaining plastic statues

Most of all statues are made of a plastic, usually called a poly. For example, there are sculptures of polyresin or polystone. The difference is minimal and you as the owner will certainly not notice. However, the plastic statues also require maintenance. Our statues are provided with an excellent coating from the factory, but an extra protective layer in our protective varnish is not superfluous. The protection helps against the dulling of the (usually rich) colors that a plastic image has. Again we compare this to your car, if it is never cleaned and is always in the sun, it will become dull at some point. Some colors, especially red and yellow, are more prone to this than others.

How do you clean and protect the images? The polyresin statues are easy to clean with a hard brush and soapy water. Do not use chemicals as this can affect the plastic / poly! After cleaning and drying, you can choose to apply an extra layer of protective lacquer. This is not immediately necessary, but it does provide extra protection. Over the years you will be able to see from the image whether it needs protection, then the colors will become a bit duller.

The more attention you pay to garden statues, the longer they will last!

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Parts that will be discussed later include the winter conditions, how to deal with this with your garden image.

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Maintenance garden statues