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Japanese Buddha statues

Are you looking for Japanese Buddha statues for home or garden? Then you are in the right place! We have put together a nice range for you, in which you can find the right images. But also incense burners and nice tea light holders, all in the sign of the Japanese Buddha.

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Posting Japanese images

Japanese Buddha statues used to be placed only in the temple gardens. Today, these images are increasingly present in our households. The statues are finer and more graceful, while still having their origins in Buddhism. It is not surprising that the images are increasingly found in people's homes. There are now three Buddhist denominations in Japan. And it continues to flourish.

How do I recognize the Japanese Buddha?

The Japanese Buddha statues are in almost all cases seated figurines that indicate a mudra by hand. Available in various colors and a wide range. In the meditation posture they are bringers of, among other things, good luck. That is why we see them more and more often given as gifts.

Purchase Japanese Buddha

In our range we have various Asian products, in this category you can order the Japanese Buddha statues. The images mainly depict the Dhyana mudra. This is the mudra of meditation, concentration on the good teachings and of attaining spiritual perfection (rest). Buddha symbolizes the gesture of balance, inner meditation and tranquility. A Buddha statue with this mudra represents more awareness, whereby the entire material world around us is forgotten. It can be recognized by both hands lying quietly closed on your lap, palms up, with the right hand on top. Fingers stretched but not tense.

Easy ordering and fast delivery

We have a large collection of Buddha statues in stock. This allows us to deliver quickly. But besides speed, safety is also important with these beautiful images. Thanks to years of experience, we ensure that the figurine is delivered safely to your home. You may also want to take a look at other Buddhas that have not yet been mentioned. Then take a look at the Thai Buddha of Laughing Buddha fat belly. Questions about the articles, ordering or payment methods? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose your new addition.