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Mala Necklace

The mala necklace is mainly used in Hinduism and Buddhism, and is a means used when reciting or mentally repeating a mantra. The mala necklace is usually made with 108 beads, which is the ideal number for all purposes. It can also be any number, but it is always divisible by 9.

With the mala you count the mantras that have been recited or mentally repeated, this works the same as with a rosary, per bead. To ensure that the count is not lost, there is a counter in the form of a bead or tassel every so many beads. It is important that while chanting or reciting mantras, our thoughts are pure.

Of course the mala necklace is also a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear. We have different malas, malas made of wood, gemstones, shells and much more for you, feel free to take a look at our range. Keep in mind that the malas are made by hand from natural products, so the colors and shapes can sometimes differ slightly.
Most of our Mala Necklaces come from India.

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