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Enter a world of serene beauty and traditional elegance with our beautiful set of Chinese temple lions, also known as Foo Dogs. These majestic statues, made of sustainable stone and standing at an impressive height of 150 cm, are the perfect statement piece for your garden.

Each statue is carefully finished in detail, from the expressive face to the graceful legs, and embodies a soothing, protective aura. Originating from exotic Indonesia, these temple lions bring a touch of Asian charm and quiet strength to your outdoor space. With limited stock available, don't wait any longer and transform your garden into a sanctuary of peace and harmony.


Available from the end of June, currently only 2 sets available!


Buy an authentic set of Chinese Temple Lions

Discover the mystical charm and serene beauty of our set of Chinese temple lions, also known as Foo Dogs. These impressive statues are the epitome of traditional craftsmanship from Indonesia. They make a majestic addition to your garden or outdoor space. With a height of no less than 150 centimeters, these stone guardians embody a tranquil force that transforms your space into an oasis of Asian serenity.

Tradition and Symbolism

You dive into a world full of ancient symbolism and tradition with these beautiful images. The male Fu Dog holds an orb under his right paw, a sign of dominion and protection over his domain. On the other hand, the female Fu Dog holds a cub under her left paw, a loving gesture that reveals her strong protective instincts.

Together they form a harmonious pair that watches over your home and garden, while bringing a calm, yet powerful appearance.

Quality and Detail

Every detail of the Chinese temple lions has been carefully crafted. From the expressive facial features to the graceful contours of their legs. They are made of durable stone. As a result, these images are designed to stand the test of time.

The beautiful dark black and gray color adds a depth and character that is rarely seen. The craftsmanship and quality are unmistakable, and you will be amazed at the way they create an exotic and soothing atmosphere.

Perfect for Garden Decoration

This set of temple lions is the perfect choice for lovers of serene garden decorations. Place them at the entrance to your garden or at the front door and create an inviting and protective atmosphere. The impressive size and calm appearance of the statues are a statement in themselves, and will undoubtedly attract the admiration of your guests.

Top 5 benefits of buying Chinese temple lions:

  • Authentic Craftsmanship: These statues are carefully crafted with attention to detail, giving each piece a unique look that reflects the rich tradition of Asian art.
  • Soothing Decoration: The serene appearance of the temple lions brings a calming and peaceful ambiance to your garden or at the entrance, perfect for a harmonious appearance.
  • Symbolic Meaning: The Fu Dogs symbolize protection and authority, and bring a sense of security and harmony to your living environment.
  • Durable Material: Made of robust stone, which ensures durability and weather resistance, so you can enjoy these beautiful statues for years to come.
  • Exclusivity: With limited supplies available, these temple lions are an exclusive addition that will add a unique and exotic flair to your space.

Delivered Safely and Fast

You don't have to wait long to experience the serene appearance of these Chinese temple lions. With our break-proof delivery within 1 to 3 business days, we are sure that your images will arrive safely and in perfect condition. However, with limited stock available, it is advisable to order your set now and transform your garden into a relaxing retreat.


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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 88x64x150 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

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