Fountain Dewi Tara statue standing 123cm


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Discover the Dewi Tara Fountain: Timeless Beauty and Peace

Be enchanted by the Dewi Tara Fountain. Handcrafted from high-quality caststone, this beautiful Buddha statue radiates tranquility and elegance. With its impressive 123 cm height and deep black color, it adds a touch of serenity to any room. A valuable addition to your home or garden, and a unique gift for lovers of soothing decoration. Order now and enjoy this timeless eye-catcher within 1-3 working days.


Enrich your living space with the Fountain Dewi Tara statue: An Ode to Peace and Beauty

Be enchanted by the Fountain Dewi Tara, a beautiful handmade stone Buddha statue, crafted by skilled craftsmen in the heart of Indonesia. With a height of impressive 123 centimeters, this statue radiates craftsmanship and dedication. The deep black color and refined finish add a touch of elegance to any room. A true masterpiece by Indonesian craftsmen!

A Timeless Work of Art with a Lasting Quality

This standing statue is made of high-quality caststone, sourced from the rich nature of Indonesia. Choosing this material not only guarantees a striking appearance, but also durability and winter hardiness. It is an investment in a work of art that will last for generations, a timeless symbol of beauty and fertility.

Dewi Tara: The Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

With the Dewi Tara Fountain you not only bring a work of art into your home, but also a deep spiritual meaning. Dewi Tara is the Hindu Goddess of Beauty and Fertility, a symbol of vitality and fertility. Her presence brings a sense of harmony and balance to your living environment, a source of serenity and tranquility.

Versatility in Elegant Simplicity

The Dewi Tara Fountain offers a versatility that makes it a unique addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces. With the ability to function as a fountain, gently rippling water can flow from the jar in her hand. A soothing melody of nature. Even without the fountain function, Dewi Tara is an eye-catching statue that enriches the space with her graceful presence.

A Gift of Peace and Inspiration

Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or simply want to enrich your own living environment, the Dewi Tara Fountain is a gift of peace and inspiration. It is a token of appreciation for the beauty of life and a reminder of the eternal cycle of growth and flourishing.

Bring Harmony into your Living Space

With its impressive height of 123 centimeters and its deep black color, the Dewi Tara Fountain is a statement piece that transforms your living space into an oasis of peace and beauty. The soothing appearance and meaningful presence of Dewi Tara create an atmosphere of serenity and balance that you can enjoy every day.

Top 5 benefits of the Dewi Tara Fountain:

  1. High Quality Craft: This beautiful statue is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen in Indonesia, making each piece unique and exuding craftsmanship.
  2. Durability and Winter Hardiness: Made of authentic caststone, the Dewi Tara Fountain is not only an aesthetic masterpiece, but also resistant to the test of time and the elements.
  3. Spiritual Meaning: As an image of Dewi Tara, the Hindu Goddess of Beauty and Fertility, this statue brings deeper meaning and a sense of harmony to your living space.
  4. Versatility in Application: Whether it serves as a fountain or simply as a decorative statue, the Dewi Tara Fountain fits perfectly into any indoor or outdoor environment and adds a touch of elegance.
  5. Delivered quickly and safely: You will receive this masterpiece within 1-3 business days, carefully packaged and guaranteed breakage-free. It is immediately ready to enrich your space with its timeless beauty.

Choose the Dewi Tara Fountain today and give your living environment a timeless display of beauty and fertility. Order now and receive this masterpiece within 1-3 business days, break-proof packaged and ready to enrich your world.

Additional information
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 29x29x123 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

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House and garden

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