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Just imagine: a majestic Garuda statue. A symbol of unparalleled power and protection, it watches over your garden and brings an aura of mystery and beauty. This is no ordinary image; this is a statement, a legacy of ancient wisdom and art.

If you are looking for a way to transform your outdoor space, adding a touch of Asian mystique and meaning, then the Garuda statue is just what you need.

Be carried away by the symbolism and beauty of the Garuda. Allow yourself to enjoy the powerful appearance and exclusivity of this beautiful image. And best of all, you won't have to wait long to welcome this masterpiece to your garden. We will ensure that it is delivered to you quickly and carefully.



Create a Mystical Oasis: The Garuda Statue

Imagine walking in your garden, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. Your eyes catch a glimpse of majesty Garuda statue, beautifully sculpted and bathed in the soft glow of the sunset. The sight of this mythical creature immediately brings a sense of peace and mystery to your soul.

Because you are a lover of the deep symbolism of Asian culture, this Garuda statue is an indispensable addition to your outdoor space. Join us to discover the meaning and beauty of this masterpiece, and why it is the perfect choice for your garden.

The Power of the Garuda statue

Garuda is a creature deeply rooted in Asian mythology and is often associated with power, freedom and protection. According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Garuda is the king of the birds, a demigod who rules the sky and the wind. His appearance symbolizes victory over evil and transcendence of worldly problems.

By placing a Garuda statue in your garden, you bring a powerful and protective energy into your living space.

Masterful Craftsmanship

This Garuda statue is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Asia. Made from durable caststone, the statue shows stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail. The beautiful dark black copper color radiates a sense of elegance and mysticism. The statue has been carefully crafted to withstand the test of time and can withstand various weather conditions.

Place it in your garden with confidence as it will serve as a timeless eye-catcher.

A Limited Edition

This Garuda statue is not an everyday decorative piece. It is a limited edition work of art, which means it is exclusive. They will only be available to a limited number of people. By including this statue in your garden, you give yourself a unique and exclusive decoration that will transform your outdoor space.

Delivered quickly and carefully

We understand how much you want to add this Garuda statue to your collection. We ensure that it is delivered with the utmost care. This will be delivered to your home within 1 to 3 working days and break-proof because we use a specialized carrier. You can't wait to give it a prominent place in your garden and enjoy the magic it brings.

The top 5 advantages of the Garuda statue

  1. Powerful Symbolism: The Garuda statue is imbued with deep symbolism and represents strength, protection and victory. It brings a sense of courage and self-confidence to your outdoor space.
  2. Mystical Beauty: With its beautiful dark black copper color and masterful craftsmanship, this statue attracts admiring glances and creates an aura of mystery and beauty in your garden.
  3. Sustainability: Made of caststone, this Garuda statue is resistant to various weather conditions. It is designed to last a long time and maintain its beauty even in the outdoors.
  4. exclusivity: This statue is part of a limited edition, making it exclusive and unique. It adds a touch of exclusivity to your garden and makes it an eye-catching decoration.
  5. Delivered quickly and carefully: You don't have to wait long to enjoy this beautiful image. It will be delivered to your home quickly and carefully by a specialized carrier.

For You or As a Gift

This Garuda statue is not only for yourself, but certainly also for others. It makes a meaningful gift for friends and family who have an affinity with Asian culture, mythology or simply love beautiful garden decoration. Because it is a gift that not only beautifies the physical space, but also nourishes the soul.

Bring the mystique and protection of Garuda into your garden and create an atmosphere of tranquility and enchantment. Order this beautiful Garuda statue now and let your garden shine with the power of this mythical creature. You deserve a place of beauty and serenity in your life, and this statue will provide just that.

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 27x25x52 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

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