Lengkung Pagoda XXL 140cm lava stone


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Are you looking for a way to give your garden or pond a touch of Asian culture? Do you want to add a beautiful XXL pagoda to your garden that is made of sustainable materials and will last for years? Then look no further! Our lengkung pagoda XXL, hand-cut from lava stone, will certainly attract attention and bring a feeling of peace and serenity to your outdoor space. Read on to discover all the features and benefits this pagoda offers.

Use it as a garden lamp? No problem! The holes for the wiring have already been made in the image.

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Are you looking for a beautiful, but especially large, addition to your garden or terrace? Then the Lengkung Pagoda XXL might be exactly what you're looking for. This more than impressive (hand-cut from lava stone) statue of a lenkung pagoda has a size of no less than 1.40 meters and is a real eye-catcher in any environment.

Unique appearance Lengkung pagoda

Each lengkung pagoda is handmade and therefore unique in its kind. The natural material and the beautiful finish give this pagoda an authentic look that cannot be matched. The lava stone provides a rustic look that fits perfectly with an Asian-inspired garden or pond.

Limited stock

There are only two of this unique piece, so don't wait too long to order. Good product photos to follow..

Durable and maintenance-free

One of the biggest advantages of the lengkung pagoda XXL is that it is made of durable material and requires (almost) no maintenance. Lava rock is naturally very strong and can withstand the elements well. In addition, it is also very easy to clean, if this is desired. But a tip, with a little moss it looks even more beautiful!

Unique dimensions

With a height of no less than 1 meter and 40 centimeters and a width of 52 cm respectively, the lengkung pagoda XXL is a real eye-catcher. The size is large enough to make a real statement in the garden.

Versatile applications of the Lengkung pagoda XXL

Thanks to the size and durable properties of lava stone, the lengkung pagoda can be used in many different ways. For example, place the statue in your garden between the plants, next to your terrace or near your pond. You can also use it as a striking element on your balcony or patio. The possibilities are endless.

Investing in quality

A Lengkung Pagoda XXL is not only a beautiful addition to your garden or terrace, but also an investment in quality. The durable material ensures that you can enjoy this beautiful statue for years to come. Moreover, the pagoda contributes to a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, which you can enjoy every day.

Top 5 benefits:

  1. Durability: The lava stone material is very durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful Lengkung Pagoda in your garden for many years to come.
  2. Unique and Authentic: Each Pagoda statue is handmade and therefore unique and authentic. The traditional craftsmanship that is required to make these statues gives an extra dimension to the beauty of this pagoda.
  3. Versatility: The Lengkung Pagoda fits into any garden and can be used as a central element in a Japanese or Asian garden, by a pond, or even by the patio. It gives a soothing and attractive look to any outdoor space.
  4. Easy to maintain: Lava stone is very easy to maintain and requires only minimal cleaning and maintenance. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your beautiful garden.
  5. Investment: The Pagoda is an investment in your home and garden. The unique and sustainable character of this pagoda ensures a lasting value that will only increase with age.

In short, the lengkung pagoda XXL is a beautiful hand-carved statue of lava stone that is perfect for people who want to create a rustic, Asian atmosphere in their garden or near their pond. The statue is durable, maintenance-free and has the ideal dimensions to stand out without being overpowering. With the lengkung pagoda you not only get a beautiful work of art, but also an investment in quality and a serene atmosphere.

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