Reclining Buddha Monk Stone 100cm


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Discover the deep peace and timeless beauty with our "Reclining Buddha Monk". Bring serenity and harmony to your garden with this beautifully finished statue. Be inspired by the symbolism of balance and enjoy moments of reflection and inner peace. Experience the unique craftsmanship and add a touch of mystique to your outdoor space.

Choose a meaningful addition to your decor that is easy to install. Experience the charm of this Buddha monk and create an oasis of peace and harmony in your own garden.


Reclining Buddha Monk: A Symbol of Tranquility and Spirituality

The Reclining Buddha Monk is a masterpiece of serenity and beauty, perfect for beautifying your garden or outdoor space. With its relaxed pose and hands resting under the chin, this statue exudes a deep sense of calmness and inner peace. Whether you are a lover of Asian art, a Buddha monk fan, or simply looking for a beautiful gift, this statue is sure to capture your heart.

An Invitation to Rest and Reflection

Imagine a peaceful morning in your garden, surrounded by the calming presence of the Reclining Buddha Monk. Its enchanting appearance invites you to a moment of reflection and tranquility. This Buddha, with its beautiful antique black color and carefully crafted details, is sure to add a touch of spiritual sophistication to any outdoor space.

Craftsmanship and Symbolism

This sculpture is made with craftsmanship and love from caststone, with an eye for the smallest details. The dark antique black color adds to the mystique and timeless beauty of the image. The reclining posture of the Buddha Monk is a symbol of inner peace and balance - a reminder of the value of finding balance in the midst of modern life.

Unique and Special

Each Reclining Buddha Monk is a unique masterpiece, carefully handcrafted in Asia. Due to its limited edition, this statue exudes exclusivity, making it a precious addition to your personal space. In addition, the sculpture is packed and shipped with the utmost care, so that it arrives undamaged and with love.

The Perfect Harmony for Your Outdoor Space

Whether you want to create a meditation space, add a touch of spiritual depth to your garden, or give a meaningful gift to a loved one, the Reclining Buddha Monk is the perfect choice. Enrich your outdoor space with the powerful symbolism of tranquility and inner peace that this Buddha embodies.

Place the Reclining Buddha Monk in your garden and let it remind you of the value of calmness, balance and spiritual connection. Bring this timeless symbol of peace and reflection into your life and enjoy the depth and serenity it brings.

The top 5 advantages of the "Reclining Buddha monk stone 100cm" for you:

  1. Deep Rest and Relaxation: The serene and relaxed posture of the reclining Buddha monk exudes a sense of deep peace and tranquility. The image invites moments of reflection and inner peace in your garden.
  2. Spiritual Symbolism: This Buddha embodies symbolism of balance and harmony, reminding you of the value of balance in the midst of modern life. It brings a touch of spiritual depth and meaning to your outdoor space.
  3. Craftsmanship and Uniqueness: Crafted by hand with craftsmanship and love, each Reclining Buddha Monk is unique. The carefully crafted details and the exclusive limited edition make this statue a special addition to your personal space.
  4. Timeless Aesthetics: The dark antique black color and carefully crafted details add to the timeless aesthetic of the sculpture. It will add a touch of mystique and beauty to your outdoor environment.
  5. Easy Installation and Care: This statue is delivered break-proof and is easy to install in your garden. The plug-and-play function, including its own water tank and pump, ensures that you can quickly enjoy the soothing fountain and the presence of the Buddha monk.

In short, the "Reclining Buddha Monk" offers you a range of benefits, ranging from inner peace and spiritual connection to timeless beauty and easy installation. It is not only a decorative piece, but also a meaningful addition to your living space.


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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100x46x61 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

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