Garden statue Fat Belly Buddha gray 40cm


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Are you looking for a garden statue Fat Belly Buddha? Then this garden statue of the potbellied Buddha might be the statue for you!
With a size of 40 centimeters, the ideal size for placement next to your pond, on your balcony or terrace! Sitting with his big belly and generous smile a real eye-catcher.

Decorate your pond, balcony or terrace with this garden statue Fat Belly Buddha as a statue and enjoy it every day.

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Are you looking for a nice cheerful image as a gift or decoration? This garden statue of a Fat Belly Buddha statue makes a great gift. His posture and nice appearance makes everyone smile, therefore a nice gift to give or receive. A nice figurine that fits ideally as decoration in your home or on your balcony!

Garden statue Fat belly Buddha statue gray 40cm

This cheerful Buddha as a garden statue is perhaps one of the most famous Buddha statues. But did you know that this is actually a monk? The garden statue fat-bellied Buddha is actually a cheerful monk with a broad grin and a big bare belly! It is named after a sage from China named Poe-Tai Ho-Shang. After his death, he was revered as a folk hero and was seen as a bringer of good luck. In most cases, this sage is portrayed as a monk without hair, a broad smile and a big belly. More about the fat-bellied Buddha you read here.

What does the Buddha have in his hand?

This cutie has something in his left hand, did you notice? What he is holding is a beaded necklace, also mala necklace or Buddhist prayer beads. The mala necklace is mainly used in Hinduism and Buddhism, and is a means used when reciting or mentally repeating a mantra. The mala necklace is usually made with 108 beads, which is the ideal number for all purposes. It can also be any number, but it is always divisible by 9.

This garden statue Fat Belly Buddha 40cm is made of fiberclay
What is Fiberclay? This is a combination of fiberglass and clay. This makes the material very strong and durable. It has an appearance comparable to stone or concrete, but is a lot lighter in weight and therefore easy to move. It is a durable and environmentally friendly material. You can find out more about Fiberclay here.

The biggest benefits
✅ The most given “Buddha” as a gift!
✅ Made of fiberclay, so it can be placed in the house and garden!
✅Perfect size for home and garden

⛔Maybe not the right size for your balcony.
Are you looking for another variant? Then look further at the 26 of 60 centimeter variant.



Additional information
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 39x39x40 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

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House and garden

Kind of Buddha

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Depicted Mudra

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