Garden statue standing tara dewi 150cm stone


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Experience the Essence of Serenity with the Standing Tara Dewi Statue

Increase the spiritual atmosphere of your environment with the stately Standing Tara Dewi statue. Depicting the goddess of compassion and mercy, this beautiful black stone work of art is a valuable asset to any lover of art and spirituality. Crafted with an eye for detail and standing at an impressive height of 150 cm, this 40-kilogram statue promises to become a center of contemplation and peace in your garden or interior. Bring a piece of timeless Indonesian tradition to your home, available in limited editions for the true connoisseur.


Discover Refinement and Spirituality with Our Standing Tara Dewi Garden Statue, Heavenly Presence in Your Space

The Standing Tara Dewi garden statue is a majestic addition to any space that strives for a combination of aesthetic beauty and spiritual depth. With its impressive height of 150 cm, this statue is a true eye-catcher and invites you to a moment of reflection and admiration.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

This unique statue, carefully crafted from cast stone, depicts Tara Dewi, the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy, in a reverent namaste mudra. The detailed finish emphasizes the fine lines of her robe and the graceful appearance of her facial features, conveying a sense of tranquility and devotion.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Dimensions: With a height of 150 cm, a width of 42 cm and a depth of 36 cm, and a weight of approximately 40 kilograms, this statue is a stately addition to any garden or interior.
  • Hardy: Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, resistant to the elements.
  • Maintenance: The statue requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a soft brush and a damp cloth.

Limited Availability

This statue, with its origins in the artistic heart of Indonesia, is created in limited editions, making each Tara Dewi not only a work of art but also a rare find. Each statue is packaged with the utmost care to ensure it is break-proof and delivered to you via pallet transport, so that it arrives to you in perfect condition.

Be inspired by the serene appearance of Tara Dewi and add a tangible touch

Additional information
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 36x42x150 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

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House and garden

Kind of Buddha

Depicted Mudra

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