Seated monk stone Namaskara mudra 47cm


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The Seated Monk Stone: An Oasis of Peace

Let the Seated Monk Stone in the Namaskara Mudra pose transform your living space. Carefully handmade from sustainable caststone, this statue radiates a timeless serenity. Bring the calming energy of Asia to your home or garden and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.


An Oasis of Peace: The Seated Monk Stone with Namaskara Mudra greeting

Be enchanted by the serene appearance of our beautiful Seated Monk Stone in the Namaskara Mudra greeting posture. With a height of 47 centimeters, this hand-crafted statue radiates an unmistakable tranquility. Perfect for lovers of calming decoration in the home or garden.

Authentic Handmade Masterpiece

This work of art has been carefully crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia. With love for their profession, they have brought every nuance of the Namaskara mudra posture to life. The black caststone not only gives the statue a timeless look, but also ensures durability and winter hardiness.

A Piece of Asia in Your Living Space

For those who are passionate about the spiritual and aesthetic richness of Asia, this Seated Monk brings a touch of the Orient to your living environment. Let yourself be carried away by the deep meaning of the Namaskara mudra, a gesture of greeting and respect, which brings an aura of calm and harmony.

Breakproof Delivered, Immediate Rest

We understand that you want to enjoy this beautiful image as quickly as possible. That is why it is carefully packaged and delivered to your home within 1-3 working days, guaranteed breakage-free. This way you can immediately experience the peace and beauty of the Seated Monk.

A Timeless Addition to Your Interior

Whether you are a lover of Buddha statues, Asian art or are simply looking for a stylish decoration that radiates tranquility, the Seated Monk with Namaskara Mudra is a timeless addition to your interior. Place it proudly in your home or garden and let the serene atmosphere do its work.

Top 5 benefits of the Seated Monk Stone with Namaskara Mudra:

  1. Timeless Serenity: This handmade statue brings an age-old tradition of peace and serenity into your living space.
  2. Sustainable Quality: Crafted from robust caststone, this Seated Monk Stone can withstand the elements, allowing it to shine both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Direct delivery: Receive this masterpiece within 1-3 business days, carefully packaged to prevent breakage.
  4. Spiritual Meaning: The Namaskara Mudra is a gesture of greeting and respect, which carries an aura of calm and harmony.
  5. Perfect Gift Idea: Give the gift of peace and harmony to loved ones who appreciate a touch of Asian spiritual richness.

Give a Gift of Peace and Harmony

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? The Seated Monk Stone with Namaskara Mudra is a meaningful choice. It is a gift that not only brings a physical presence, but also a spiritual resonance.

Immerse yourself in the calming energy of the Seated Monk Stone in the Namaskara Mudra pose. Create a space of peace and serenity in your life. Get this masterpiece today and experience the timeless beauty and deep meaning it brings.

This beautiful Seated Monk Stone with Namaskara Mudra is not only a decorative work of art, but a symbol of peace and harmony. With its handmade details and meaningful gesture, it brings a piece of the spiritual wealth of Asia into your living space.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 34x35x47 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

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