Meaning Yogiman

The Yogiman, Orang Malu has many names, sometimes he is also called the modest male or the weaping Buddha. The story behind him is that he was so ashamed of humanity that he chose to live a life of meditation in his well-known posture. Some claim that he would weep for the suffering of the earth, hence the name Weaping Buddha. Yet deep in his heart the Yogiman is happy because he has found peace with himself and discovered inner happiness.

If we translated the words Orang Malu, it would read 'shy man'. The actual meaning that the yogiman is a humble person, the introverted, the self-turned.

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This Buddha statue is really special, if you look from above you see the shapes of a human heart that represents the source of Energy. If you look to the side, you see the shapes of a fetus, which stands for a new life, purity and cleanliness. If you look at him from the front you can see his smiling face. The Yogiman would keep all evil out if you place him with his back to the main entrance. And by petting his back every day and treating him well, he would take away worries and your confidence will grow.

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